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Our team focuses on delivering customized coaching and mentoring solutions based on industry standard best practices and practical experience from the real-world experience of our team of experts.

We bring together experts from multiple disciplines with extensive experience in software development lifecycles and team building.  We believe in our work, and use each new effort to improve how our practical application workshops can be continuously improved and tailored to meet the changing needs of current and future clients.

Experience has taught us to use real-world examples to deliver the content, then immediately apply these newly learned techniques and ideas in the actual projects our target audience is working on.  This delivers from the practical, or Data/Information stages of the learning model, to the Information/Knowledge portion of the model.  This translation of learning from the ‘classroom’ to the project reinforces and applies the material and immerses the student in the work of their project applying the new material.  This also mitigates the down time associated with the normal learning process while practically eliminating the learning curve.

We have multiple examples of applying this principle to large enterprises such as yours, and creating a set of custom coaching packages for delivery by our team, or including a plan to translate the coaching to your staff.

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